Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Sander Van Der Veen
"I'm not writing it down to remember it later,
I'm writing it down to remember it now"

Ring Around The Rosy...

Via Captivate Me

Trend De La Creme

So the ring I posted about 3 days ago? Lost that already. It's on a bathroom sink in DC somewhere. Need replacement.

Couch Love

Panoramic by Barber and Osgerby

Domino by Emaf Progetti

The Circus

This blog has great vintage circus pictures and hey, who doesn't love the circus?

Monday, March 30, 2009

So, I Went On This Business Trip....

I kind of didn't want to go because it was a Monday to Tuesday trip (plenty of week left in the week when I get back) and I prefer cities like New York to DC because I always feel like I'm talking about Darryl Hannah's plastic surgery face, video podcasts and Facebook when everyone else here is talking about senator scandals and litigation. I prepared by packing one of my more conservative business suits to meet the clients and planned to have a nice Georgetown dinner and a quiet few days.
The moment I got to my hotel, the concierge ran and got me a glass of wine. Good start. I like anyone that brings me a glass of wine before I even tell them my last name. The place is nice and has a mix of well dressed businesspeople and European women in halter tops. I decide to forgo the wine bar and just take my glass up to check out the room. Where I opened the closet and found this:Yep, faux fur bathrobes. I immediately start thinking of possible ways to steal them and then notice the faux leopard lingerie hanging between the iron and the robes. They are priced at $30 which I guess is convenient if you somehow forgot your leopard lingerie at home and need a quick replacement.
After a tapas dinner in Georgetown I headed back to the hotel to do some work by which I mean watch TV. What's on is RuPaul's new show "RuPaul's Drag Race" where 8 or so drag queens compete a la Project Runway to become the next drag supermodel. They have to make their own outfits I guess which prompts me to wonder how this amazing train wreck of a show could exist without my knowledge. It was absolutely riveting and apparently, RuPaul is still alive and well. Who knew? Some of the contestants were really talanted in both clothing design and make-up. Those weren't as fun to watch but in between were golden nuggets of amazing wreckage that really puts this show on par with Intervention. Thanks DC!
Anything cool ever happen to anyone on a business trip?

Clean Lines

Hello Francis
There's something to be said about an uncluttered room. I love the clean and simple looks of these rooms but it is so difficult to achieve in real life since I come home and basically throw my keys on one table, my computer on the island, my mail on another counter and in about 4 seconds of being home, I've already ruined the whole "clean, simple, lines thing".
Piles of papers are taking over my life.
It's gotten to the point that I have actually yelled (yes yelled) at cashiers who dare to hand me a receipt. I mutter something about "drowning in little pieces of paper and stomp away. It's not their fault but I think we need to consider letting the receipt be extinct.
In addition to all the tiny bits of paper (post its are a real problem for me as well. They are the perfect size paper to write something important on and then lose), I've got piles of Netflix, piles of magazines and catalogs that I plan to read, and piles of stuff I've already read that I might want to read again. My only solution is to jam all of this in drawers and closets, thus hiding the clutter from view, and enjoy my clean and simple lines.

Airlines Gettin' Creative

Try This Hair

This reminds me of being in 6th grade and not having a whole arsenal of hair frying tools to create looks but the models for Sophia Kokosalaki went old school by making large braids with semi wet hair to achieve an organic looking curl.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

An Actual Conversation

Overheard at Rodan, Chicago
Girl 1: "I only drink Sugar Free Redbull, regular RedBull I just feel like I'm chewing on sugar."
Girl 2: "Aren't you afraid of what they put in SugarFree Redbull that's not sugar though?'
Girl 1: "Like Vodka?"


Chicago Style

So I met up with my girl from Prima Mag in Chicago this weekend and we got to stay at the wonderful W again (without question the best pillows!) . I found the above ring at Forever XXI on Michigan Ave. for $4.80!Considering the fact that the weather was absolutely the worst we could have wished for we managed to get to quite a few places including a fashion line launch and art show at the Mars Gallery, Rodan (it's a bar in Wicker Park that had a strange but fun mix of people - they even played Thriller), and a few others. Then we managed to almost get ourselves booted out of one place because a stranger came up and took a sip of my friend's drink, prompting her to take his and pour it on the floor, prompting him to take and guzzle her next drink as soon as she ordered it and so on. This got less and less funny, some guys just really don't get it do they?
The DJ at Old Oak Tap (sounds like a dive, it's not) had on a sweet white track suit and played some Kid Cudi for our dance off. Prima Mag and I discovered a couple of really great dressers including a girl who attached studs to her own purse (I hesitate to call it bedazzling but....) and it seems like everyone in the whole city got the memo for boots and hats. Great weekend.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Little Red Riding Hood Re-interpreted

Friday, March 27, 2009

It's Spring And My Closet Is Ugly.

I'm going to start off by saying that I am thoroughly tired of my winter wardrobe. If I have to wear black on black with tights one more time I may just implode, drive straight to Mexico, or stop wearing clothes altogether..... (and she used to be such a normal girl). I can't even look at most of it at this point.
So I went into my closets the other day knowing that I have to do some spring cleaning and weeding out of ugly stuff. I also know that there are a million shows by Tim Gunn and others out there on how you should do this but since I want to do a bare minimum of work I thought I'd compile just the essentials.
1) Buy all the same hangers. It's a really cheap way to make your closet look uniform. They are around $2 at target so just go in, buy a whole bunch and throw away all of your wire and unmatching hangers. seriously, it looks so much better.
2) Throw away anything you bought that you haven't worn in a year and cost under $40. Do NOT throw away really quality stuff because things come back in style all the time. If it's a cheap shirt you're not wearing, it's probably made poorly and doesn't fit you right. A well made item that's out of style will come back in a few years. And it will still be nice.
3) Clean off the salt: a 50/50 water and vinegar mix can take care of all those salt stains on.... well.... every item of clothing and pair of shoes I have.
4) Build Up Your Wardrobe: It's all about the upgrade for spring in an economically trying time. Instead of buying a complete spring wardrobe just upgrade some things. Example: It's better to replace a ratty white tank with a nice, new one than buy it in another color. Assess what needs replacing before you go for new stuff otherwise you'll end up wearing that ratty white tank after you blew your budget on a new yellow one.
5) Do not underestimate the power of accessories: I load up on jewelery that's really unique so that I can wear it with say nice jeans and a white tank and people still comment on what a cute outfit I have. I can wear the exact same thing with totally different accessories a few days later and no one is the wiser. (hint: not that I'm saying you should but if you happen to ummm.... not go home some nights, you can throw new jewelry in your purse and have a semi decent look the next day).


cameras by Powershovel LTD.
I really want one of these awesome 35mm twin reflex cameras! They are only about $120 and take pics like this:

Extreme Sheepherding...

This is such a cool video - those dogs are trained so well. With a little tweaking they could probably sell it to a company for big bucks. Along the same lines, how fun would it be to have that job? Hanging out with dogs and sheep all day? I frequently come up with alternative careers for myself so far I've got: Bartender in Miami, Choreographer (this will have to be my next life since I have little skill in this area), Wine Vineyard keeper, and now extreme sheepherder.

Metal Fossils

I just found Oregon sculptor Jud Turner's work yesterday. His range of sculptures is just amazing and worth a look. It's almost Tim Burtonesque isn' it?

Shorts and Stilettos

Finally - stilettos are back. I've always hated shorts (I'm short so it generally doesn't look good on me) but I think heels could help.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mass Innovation and The Internets

Via Infoblog
I was having a stressy day and this video is designed well. Nice and clean.


photos by Gregory Buchakjian show is in Beirut.
Nighthawks [naithÉ”:ks] : people who hang out late by the night. (1, Nighthawks):

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Lady Sovereign... That's Amazing!

I love her. Thanks RUMadison!!!!

Merci France!

B&T Design via The Dieline
These new smoothies from France are coming to LA soon so keep your eye out for them. They'll look great in your fridge and comes from the word Doux which means sweet in English.

Tinchy Stryder...

Tinchy Stryder feat. N-Dubz
I am kind of a little obsessed with this song this morning. I heard it on BBC Radio last week and haven't been able to get it until today.

You Probably Won't Twitter Your Way To Anything....

I was recently sitting in a restaurant and overheard some women talking about Twitter.
"Do you know what Twitter is?" one said.
"Oh yeah, I saw it on the Weather Channel".
So Twitter is a big huge deal. So is Facebook. So is blogging. I've read countless articles about what we should or should not be "putting out there" and was also recently "friended" by my great uncle. It really got me to thinking about what all the social networking is doing for us?
Granted there are lots of avenues to create profiles and connect with friends and I'm not arguing that they are a waste of time because I spend a ton of time on these sites too. A disgusting, sick amount of time. However, I do think that job seekers and personal branding afficionados should not get caught up in mistaking "social networking" for "actual work".
This all kind of started when I was uber jealous that I couldn't go to SXSW. I could barely stand it or breathe I was so jealous. I told myself that if I didn't go I would never, ever, be where I needed to be if I didn't go to this function. I complained so often that a friend of mine had a mini intervention and outlined all of the things I had just completed in my career and I figured if I was freaking out about this stuff maybe other people were too.
So let me just come out and say that yes, your next employer or your current one wants you to understand Twitter. They will love it that you know how to navigate the social media sphere and they will certainly expect that you have had a little experience there. They will also want to see that you have done actual work.
It seems to me that with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging, etc. that we can be really really busy and at the same time not accomplish much. Twitter followers are great but networking will occur in other less sexy places as well. Example, you might find a mentor in a VP of Business Development at a dishwasher production company. He or she probably doesn't have a Twitter or Facebook but can be extremely well connected and have a lot of influence.
Your resume and your work experience (even if you are in the social media field) must be more well rounded than followers and friends. I definitely think all of the social networking spaces are essential to be a part of but it's just as importnant to be able to tell the difference between getting things done and just messing around with friends online.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

All Saints, Please Ship to the US!

Prima Mag gave me the head's up on All Saints Spitalfields and I can safely say that I like almost every single item there. The men's clothing is great too and it's not horribly expensive. Ok fine, I don't care if it is kind of expensive - I have a huge crush on this store. My next move will be figuring out how to get it shipped here from the UK.


Halo with resin
"Moral Indignation is Jealousy with a halo"
~H.G. Wells

Stalking Your Fridge

I couldn't not post this! The internets are making us so bizarre. So, at Fridgewatcher.com you can upload pictures of your refrigerator and look at the contents of other people's fridge's. I guess since "every fridge tells a story". My story would be:
Once there was a girl that didn't know how to cook, but liked going to the grocery store anyway. She buys weird things because they have nice packaging and never eats them.
Actually, I think the whole thing is weird. Do we need to share everything including pictures half eaten loaves of bread?

The Quest For The Perfect Bed

I have been working on this strange thing over the last few years that I've been calling The Perfect Bed. It's pretty much a compulsion to try to make my bed the most comfortable wonderful place on the planet. About 6 months ago, I skipped the grocery store in favor of new pillowcases and I spend a ridiculous amount of time looking at sheets, pillows, blankets, etc. online. It's sick and I'm pretty sure a therapist would have some thoughts on it. I don't think it's a sex thing though, I just want the perfect bed. (Did anyone see Intervention last night speaking of sick? The self injury woman? Wow)
So far, the best pillows are from the W hotel. Trust me, I've ordered pretty much every kind and then returned them. The W pillows stayed. Also, if you can do it, get white everything. This doesn't appear to work for people with dogs that like to get up on the bed but I think it's so worth all of the washing to get white. Also, if you get one of those down comforters in white (or whatever color mine's from the Company Store) get it one size larger than your bed. It means you can pile it up on the bed without it leaving anyone cold. Mine looks a lot like the one below but I'm working towards one of the above:

Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Coats

via captivateme

BCBG silk trench
Diesel via Urban Outfitters

Wale feat. Lady Gaga - Chillin

Monday Morning music goodness.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Meet Me There

These are from a fashion spread for new leather jacket creators Vincent and Vincent from Australia and make the leather jackets more than Grease and Harley and Punk. These photos are just gorgeous and so are the jackets.