Monday, March 30, 2009

Clean Lines

Hello Francis
There's something to be said about an uncluttered room. I love the clean and simple looks of these rooms but it is so difficult to achieve in real life since I come home and basically throw my keys on one table, my computer on the island, my mail on another counter and in about 4 seconds of being home, I've already ruined the whole "clean, simple, lines thing".
Piles of papers are taking over my life.
It's gotten to the point that I have actually yelled (yes yelled) at cashiers who dare to hand me a receipt. I mutter something about "drowning in little pieces of paper and stomp away. It's not their fault but I think we need to consider letting the receipt be extinct.
In addition to all the tiny bits of paper (post its are a real problem for me as well. They are the perfect size paper to write something important on and then lose), I've got piles of Netflix, piles of magazines and catalogs that I plan to read, and piles of stuff I've already read that I might want to read again. My only solution is to jam all of this in drawers and closets, thus hiding the clutter from view, and enjoy my clean and simple lines.


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