Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's Fashion Week!

Eyelashes, Accessories, and Florals Oh My!

It's fashion week again, time for all of us not living in New York to voraciously tear through all newspapers, websites, and blogs for scraps of something fashionable from the shows. A model's eyelashes, a stiletto shoe, a scrap of cashmere.

From what I can tell, this year will draw from our simpler Jackie-O and Camelot inspiration and I can finally bring out the suit that I've been dying to wear. Calf grazing skirts, florals, and 50's inspired suits leaving the Edie Sedgwick-esque shift dresses in the dust for spring.

With the lower make-upped look of the fifties, we can expect to be able to leave some of our over the top tools in the make-up bag and concentrate on spring skin - which means I'll have to get out my wallet for the Creme de La Mer again. It's terribly expensive but completely worth it, nothing else is as good.