Sunday, March 29, 2009

Chicago Style

So I met up with my girl from Prima Mag in Chicago this weekend and we got to stay at the wonderful W again (without question the best pillows!) . I found the above ring at Forever XXI on Michigan Ave. for $4.80!Considering the fact that the weather was absolutely the worst we could have wished for we managed to get to quite a few places including a fashion line launch and art show at the Mars Gallery, Rodan (it's a bar in Wicker Park that had a strange but fun mix of people - they even played Thriller), and a few others. Then we managed to almost get ourselves booted out of one place because a stranger came up and took a sip of my friend's drink, prompting her to take his and pour it on the floor, prompting him to take and guzzle her next drink as soon as she ordered it and so on. This got less and less funny, some guys just really don't get it do they?
The DJ at Old Oak Tap (sounds like a dive, it's not) had on a sweet white track suit and played some Kid Cudi for our dance off. Prima Mag and I discovered a couple of really great dressers including a girl who attached studs to her own purse (I hesitate to call it bedazzling but....) and it seems like everyone in the whole city got the memo for boots and hats. Great weekend.


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