Monday, March 30, 2009

So, I Went On This Business Trip....

I kind of didn't want to go because it was a Monday to Tuesday trip (plenty of week left in the week when I get back) and I prefer cities like New York to DC because I always feel like I'm talking about Darryl Hannah's plastic surgery face, video podcasts and Facebook when everyone else here is talking about senator scandals and litigation. I prepared by packing one of my more conservative business suits to meet the clients and planned to have a nice Georgetown dinner and a quiet few days.
The moment I got to my hotel, the concierge ran and got me a glass of wine. Good start. I like anyone that brings me a glass of wine before I even tell them my last name. The place is nice and has a mix of well dressed businesspeople and European women in halter tops. I decide to forgo the wine bar and just take my glass up to check out the room. Where I opened the closet and found this:Yep, faux fur bathrobes. I immediately start thinking of possible ways to steal them and then notice the faux leopard lingerie hanging between the iron and the robes. They are priced at $30 which I guess is convenient if you somehow forgot your leopard lingerie at home and need a quick replacement.
After a tapas dinner in Georgetown I headed back to the hotel to do some work by which I mean watch TV. What's on is RuPaul's new show "RuPaul's Drag Race" where 8 or so drag queens compete a la Project Runway to become the next drag supermodel. They have to make their own outfits I guess which prompts me to wonder how this amazing train wreck of a show could exist without my knowledge. It was absolutely riveting and apparently, RuPaul is still alive and well. Who knew? Some of the contestants were really talanted in both clothing design and make-up. Those weren't as fun to watch but in between were golden nuggets of amazing wreckage that really puts this show on par with Intervention. Thanks DC!
Anything cool ever happen to anyone on a business trip?


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