Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wow, There Really Is Good In The World.

I work at least one day a week out of Chicago which as you might guess keeps me running around a lot.
So last night, I am carrying 3 or 4 bags and parking the car and I'm exhausted so I'm swearing to myself about having to park on the lowest floor (which means 3 flights up with all that stuff) and use the remainder of my energy to get myself to my friend's house and I sleep like a rock.
This morning, I wake up and realize that in my haul I have misplaced my wallet. It's not in the apartment, in my bags, or on the countertops. I run out to my car having decided that it's got to be in the car under a seat. But it's not there.
I realize that I have no clue how I will pay to get out of the parking lot, get gas to go home, or anything else. My pulse starts to race. I think of who I can call, how I can fix this, and what I had in there.
And then I see it. Under my windshield wiper is my wallet that someone found and put there. All of my cash and cards are accounted for. In downtown Chicago. Wow.
This made my morning feel blessed and destined to be a good day and I never say things like that.


Blogger Grace Boyle said...

I LOVE hearing stories like this. Mostly because many people are jaded and don't trust anyone. But just like you said, there is good in the world and sometimes it takes little reminders like that to feel it. Thanks for sharing :)

September 9, 2009 at 1:54 PM  

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