Friday, August 28, 2009

Feeling Homeless? Is This The Future?

“There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.” - Robert Louis Stevenson

I have several places that I routinely sleep these days and it's making me crazy. Since the move in situation, it has taken me approximately 1 week to get sick of lugging my stuff back and forth and I have moved the majority of my stuff into the New Jersey-ite's apartment.
Also in the last few weeks, I started working a few days a week out of Chicago and I have a friend that lets me crash at his place while I'm there. I also stop by my apartment to work, hang out, and watch all the Bravo shows that the New Jersey-ite hates.
As a result, I have clothes in my car, in Chicago, at the New Jersey-ite's, and at my place. It makes me feel homeless but it also feels like this allows me to have my cake and eat it too.
With work environments starting to warm up to the idea of autonomous workers (working from home, less unecessary meetings, etc.) it seems like this type of nomadic-ness could become more and more common, particularly for those of us in the online world.
Another thing I've noticed is that my online dependance has gotten a lot stronger since all of this running around started. I no longer have "my coffee shop", I have 4 (1 by my apartment, 2 by the New Jersey-ite's, and 1 in Chicago). I no longer go to a regular grocery store, I have tons of them. I rarely visit the same restaurant twice anymore. The bottom line is, my comfort zone is no longer existant, which makes my comfort zone the blogs I visit and the sites I go to. Weird huh?
As we become more and more mobile and have more and more friends in different cities, could it be feasible that we have dinner in Cleveland on Friday, drinks in NY on Sat., and show up for work with a new client in Atlanta on Monday? I have noticed a lot of this going on already within the online leaders.


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