Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Online World Could Have Saved Me A Trip To Santa Fe.

I stumbled across a really cool site called Traveler's Notebook this afternoon courtesy of an old college friend of mine. This friend knew me during my... err...... somewhat wilder days when I wanted to be a travel writer. I would wait for my FAFSA check to come and immediately book flights with the entire thing. The cost of hotels I would cover by offering to write stories about them that they could use however they wanted. In 2003, this kind of thing actually worked on occasion.
Anyway, this site has a section for travel writer wannabe's and perusing it, I found myself kind of angry that none of this existed when I was trying to break into that field. In fact, it's how I ended up moving to Santa Fe.
See, I found out Santa Fe was where the illustrious Outside Magazine was based (back when things like print media were working a little better) so the minute I graduated college I bought a truck and raced down there where I knew no one at Outside Magazine or otherwise. I was sure they would hire me instantly after seeing my genius.
Long story short, they not only didn't want to hire me but they didn't even want to meet with me and that's how I ended up in Santa Fe for 2 years writing radio ads. This turned out pretty well for me but still, I wish I would have had cool sites of other travel writer wannabe's then.


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