Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Minneapolis Gets Random. I Get Kicked Out Of A Cab.

I'm in Minneapolis today for the Online Marketing Summit so I called a cab this morning and waited in the lobby for it. When the cab appeared, I got in.
To make a long story short, I apparently got into the "wrong cab" (hotels make deals with cab companies I guess and get extremely territorial). We get a few blocks along and the cab driver gets an angry dispatch (presumably about me) and commences a conversation abut returning me to the hotel. The driver then whips around and says "you have to go back, your cab is there now".
"ummmm..... what? no, that's stupid, you were there you should just take me." The cab driver is turning around and taking me back to the hotel to take the right cab. I am yelling obscenities in the back. It's 7AM.
So the driver pulls over and kicks me out of the cab. At 7AM. In the middle of downtown Minneapolis. I decide that I will simply walk however far I have to and get there myself and I start composing my comment card to the hotel in my head. Along the way, I come across this:

It's in a grassy spot on my 15 minute walk to the venue. How cool and random, it cheered me up.


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