Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Now Is The Time For Neon!

photo via LA Times
I'm so glad it's neon time. I've liked it forever, my sisters have been making fun of me for it forever, people's boyfriends and husbands who don't get fashion have been laughing at me about it forever but maybe this summer I'll get some relief.
tips for neon:
1) Wear it with white. Head to toe neon can be ummmm.... awesome. But not everyone wants to do that. Wear white with neon trimmings to look super summery.dress - Topshop.
2) Put it on your nails. I love bright pink (not barbie, I'm talking neon pink here), my coworker is all about orange (think highlighter).
3) Cheaply get neon with jewelery. I go to Forever 21 in Chicago and load up on inexpensive jewelery. Dress and earrings Forever 21.
4) Don't half ass it. Neon is neon. Don't get a "lighter shade" to "tone it down". Just go for it.


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