Monday, June 1, 2009


So, today kicks off what promises to be a week of craziness that started this morning in Madison and ended tonight in Minneapolis. I've agreed to do some more speaking engagements (after the last one went well sans Xanax, I figured I'd do some more) so I'm in Minneapolis today and tomorrow and Denver on Thursday.
Since this year has kind of been my "year of trying to find some semblance of balance", I'm assuming (correctly so far) that this week will ruin all of that. I ended up not eating anything until 2PM (danger), and then having to walk 800 blocks to find "something I feel like eating". This means that I knew I should have a salad or something healthy for my tired body and gave myself 800 blocks to convince myself to have whatever the hell I wanted which was anything with bread, salt, and/or cheese. I had to change hotels during my layover in Chicago (don't even ask) and I'm the kind of person where changes to plans last minute make me crazy. The highlight of the day was this tomato and avocado flatbread at Zelo's. It was absolutely exactly what I needed.


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