Friday, May 15, 2009

Flash Gordon: For The First Time

So, I agreed to watch Flash Gordon last night because I always make people watch movies with subtitles and no plot and I semi understand that for some people this might not be their idea of an amazing night. So anyway, I agree to this but was really not looking forward to Flash Gordon at all. In fact, I had internally decided to nap through it while pretending to be awake. (sorry)
Let me tell you a little something though, Flash Gordon was pretty awesome in the following ways:
Hair: The hair in this movie (particularly Flash's) is amazing.
Queen: does the whole soundtrack. It's so Queen music too, not Queen trying to do a soundtrack, it's like Queen was "Let's make some music and oh, I guess there's a movie too"
Costumes: Are all football, bird, snake stuff and the girl dresses rock.
Underlying sexual themes the WHOLE time: this is when I perked up. I can't believe the 80's produced something so mainstream but with so many crazy fetish elements. Seriously.

80's movie I didn't want to watch: 1 me: 0


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