Friday, May 15, 2009

Desperate For Inspiration. A Plan To Solve Everything.

It's spring, things are blooming, there's flowers and things..... so why am I completely drained of inspiration? It just hit me like a ton of bricks at the coffee shop this morning that the people in here are the same people in here every day. And I'm here at the same time. Every day. Getting the same thing. Yawn.
Since there must be a reason behind all of this I look to my immediate circle for someone who's fault this could be. I settle on my family. Wanting to be close to them has made me stay in the Midwest longer than I would have liked. Kind of weak.
Maybe it's because I've been really busy at work and trying to figure out a new relationship. The work/life balance has literally taken over my entire existence the last few months and when I suddenly snapped out of it this morning, I hadn't blogged in days, hadn't taken photographs in several weeks, and I had gotten into this habit of not reading the paper or design magazines.
Then I remember one of my favorite quotes.
"People love to blame their problems on the architecture."
I devise a plan. My first plan is scrapped because it involves staying on the freeway when I should be turning off to go to work. Staying on it for the next week or so until I am somewhere that has a coffee shop where I don't know anyone and preferably has a beach. But I'd have to call my work and let them know that I'm not dead I'd miss my New Jersey-ite, and I'd run out of money pretty quickly.
My next plan is substantially more realistic.
I will go somewhere I haven't been before without leaving the state or abandoning my life. Not somewhere that I've been wanting to try or talking about a lot lately. I decide that this will be renting a kayak and going kayaking. And also the porn store. Nothing says inspiration like nature and sex right?
I will let go of things that I'm hanging on to because it's comfortable. Like going to certain bars and grocery stores that suck. I'm amazed at the number of terrible grocery stores here, yet I still go to them because it's easy and every time I walk in I'm thinking "I just HATE this grocery store." And when I spend time in these places, I get in a bad mood. So I'm going to drive the extra 10 minutes to go to the one I like. Same goes for the bars I'm always going to, it's a night time version of the coffee shop. Without these things, I figure I'll have more time to do something inspirational.
I will shop more. This is kind of a fake excuse to shop more BUT I think it can help too. Getting new clothes or things for my house makes me happy and I don't care if it sounds a little shallow. There's the mother of all flea markets this weekend. I'm going to look for some really big picture frames to put on the wall (I am going to leave them empty and spray paint them gold).


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