Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Listen Up Guys: Wallets

Maison Martin Margiela
I carry a huge purse everywhere because most of my life needs to be available at any given moment but guys must pare down their lives to just a few things and keep it in a wallet - do it right.

1) Buy a nice wallet. I know you don't want to drop a ton of money on a wallet but you're going to take it out of your pocket every day in front of a ton of people. Get a nice one. Don't spend $800 on it (unless you can and want to) but plan to spend around $200 for a decent one that will last a while. Don't go for the duct tape wallet or anything with velcro on it unless you are under 20. Then go ahead and do it but know that it will have to go eventually.
Look for a wallet that's made of nice leather (they should be leather unless it's made of something that's at least as wonderful) and has a few slots for cards.
2) Do NOT overstuff your wallet. You will look like a dork and your pants will wear out where you're keeping it. Put in a credit card or two an your ID. That's it.
That enormous lump on your ass because you have 80 receipts, $100 in cash, 35 business cards, and God knows what else does not look good from behind.
3) Keep It Simple. Although I love the faux wood one below, if you don't plan on replacing it when the world is over that look you should stick to a plain color and a simple design. I think brown leather wears better than black and looks really good once it's a little worn.
You can get simple ones that still have personality. Check out the black Atmosphere wallet by Hlaska below (Tod's has a few with some cool simple design additions as well). It's edgy but the design won't make it look dated in 2 years.

Both Hlaska $125
Gucci - $230
Tod's Italian Leather - $245
(These are my favorite)



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