Wednesday, May 20, 2009

But Do Creatives Want MTV Representing Them?

I just found an interesting site. MTV has teamed up with Swatch and Behance Network. Behance Network, if you're not familiar, is a site where creatives can upload their work and comment on each other's, check out new work from new artists, connect with other creatives, etc. It's a really cool site and has tons of members. I've spoken with the guys at Behance a few times and found them to be really laid back and extremely cool people. The Swatch / MTV / Behance site is a spinoff for younger artists.
Here's the thing though, do younger artists want MTV involved in their artwork and their business?
I'd be nervous that MTV is going to do what they did in the late 90's with the VJ's. They like to really OWN their celebrities and I don't think they'll see the same eagerness to jump in with young artists. I know MTV is trying to do something cool so I'm torn between thinking "good for MTV -trying to stay fresh" and "yippy- guess we'll be seeing MTV exploit the hell out of young artists whom they won't pay yet will put their designs on sneakers galore".
Would you put your artwork on an MTV sponsored site?


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