Thursday, April 2, 2009

Listen Up Guys: You Can Wear Color In Spring Too.

It's spring. Well, to be fair it's spring where most people live. Girls will start dragging out colors like mint, sherbert, and Cerulean soon (for a lot of you guys, that's light green, light orange, and bright blue). Anyway, I have noticed that while most women have a completely separate wardrobe for fall/winter and spring/summer. Most guys simply exchange pants for shorts and be done with it. I have some guys friends that bust out their token pink button down in spring but that's about it.
Guys, if you are not so into wearing a bright orange shirt this spring here's my suggestion. Wear spring colors with grey. Not black. Also, rethink the pink button down for god's sake that has been done, done, and done. Replace it with light orange so that you won't look outdated. Grey also looks good on any skin tone (that's why I like the washed out black shirts on you vs. the brand new black). Look at what the black suit does to skin tone vs. the grey. In winter, it looks okay but for spring the grey makes you look healthier.
Mix the color in your tie with grey work slacks vs. going for the whole shirt in a bright color. You can also mix these colors in the striping or pattern of your shirt for a look that's more subtle.
Look for these colors ok? Banana Republic ($44)

JCrew ($10)



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