Friday, April 24, 2009

Copa Cabana Stripper Skin

The very instant it's spring/summer I become unhealthily obsessed with anything smelling like coconut and over the years it's made me pretty picky about which products I'll use.
The perfect smelling coconut I've ever smelled was on 2 strippers in Chicago and I sat them right down at the bar and grilled them on their products ( so typical that I'm at a bachelorette party weaseling someone's favorite skin product out of them).
Anyway, here's my favorites:skin trip - Whole Foods

Lanvanila - Vanilla Coconut, SephoraYup, this is still one of the tops.... it's pretty oily so in summer you should mix just a little tiny bit with an unscented lotion. (Also what the strippers were doing FYI)


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