Monday, April 20, 2009

An Idea I'm Thinking Of Discarding:

You know when you're wandering down the frozen food aisle of the grocery store and every single thing in those cases is designed and packaged exactly the same? It's pretty boring. I am sick and tired of looking at those and I started wondering why someone doesn't come up with something better looking. I mean, the ingredients are all "healthified and fresh" now so why does the packaging look terrible? They are all mostly white with orange or green. Nothing innovative or cool in the slightest.
Sooo.... I came up with this idea to make a rock/hipster style meal. And maybe name them after chemicals.....
Before you tell me this is a bad idea, just hear me out. The packaging could be using recycled materials and be either all different colors or black and rocker chic looking. Not everyone who eats frozen food is living in suburbia. Not everyone in suburbia wants to pretend their frozen food is from Whole Foods.
So my idea is then to name these things after deadly chemicals like "Napalm Nuggets" or "Agent Orange Chicken" or "Low Voltage Lambchops".
Maybe no one would buy those. But I would.



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