Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hey, You Killed My Idea...

Some of the best ideas don't make it off the ground for reasons of finance, time, sheer stupidity, etc. Here's a site where you can submit your killed idea. I like the concept but you can't read any of the other killed ideas, which is what I'm mostly interested in.
The worst is when you notice that someone else is succeeding, even making a fortune, from an idea of yours (or that was kind of like yours)..... I have a lot of those "hey, no fair! I thought of that months ago!" moments except it never went anywhere because only 5 hands raised instead of 7 when we took a vote on the validity of said idea. Despite my death glare and internal promise to NEVER bring in doughnuts again.
Annnyway, check out the site and submit your killed idea and achieve the fame and glory you deserve.


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