Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Art of Doing Nothing

Kudos to KitKat's new website that does absolutely nothing. My sisters and I have a knack for any activities that involve Sour Patch Kids, Intervention, and not much else and it apparently really offends some people including both my parents. If our "doing nothing" happens to occur at their house over a holiday, they will usually try to get us to "go outside", "run errands" or be otherwise productive. If that fails, they will vacuum near the TV and ruin all of our fun despite the fact that we are all adults and should be able to decide what we want to do.
It actually goes much further than this. I have friends that get awkward when they ask me what I'm doing and I respond... "well, nothing". It's almost a dirty word. We have to have plans every night and every day or we may backslide into social awkwardness or God knows what.
Work life has filtered in now too. We are supposed to, encouraged to, have to start doing some work on Sunday or we're not performing up to our "full working potential". It's crazy how afraid of doing nothing a lot of people are..... what the implications might be. Notice how people have come up with ways to make doing nothing sound productive. Yoga? basically nothing.
Here's the thing. I come up with some pretty good ideas while "doing nothing". Nothing can include thinking, resting, doodling new things, coming up with plans, forming opinions, and a multitude of things that I cannot accomplish when I'm busying myself with checking things off my to do list. I think it's good to let your brain just veg out sometimes, even a lot of times.
I mean, do I really have to be doing something every single second to move forward, to make one more connection, to get one more thing I didn't have before?
Check out the site and enjoy nothing in all it's glory.


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