Monday, December 7, 2009

Travel Much? Samsonite Trolley Luggage

With the Holidays, people getting married, and the New Jerseyite's family being in, well.... New Jersey we've been traveling a lot. I've tried carry on, check your bag, ways to carry bath products, and I'm getting pretty good at getting through without much hassle (no small feat). My Dad, who has a total knee replacement gets the complete search down every single time we go through security ( whole other story). He comes out of the security area saying "those guys never smile...."
Anyway, this little travel suitcase looks really handy. Plus, it's on a scooter. Which is obviously more fun.
My 2 Cents: Dear Samsonite - if you want to sell a whole load of these quickly you should target the SXSW crowd. I could just see every other person there with one of these!


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