Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Playhouse In The Clouds

When I saw this on Dailyobsessional, I had the overwhelming feeling that if I were to see this in person I would have to climb in there despite any attempts to stop me. It's made by Dietrich Wegner from Australia but has been working all over the US for years.
It really reminds me of this cave I saw in Moab, Utah about 5 years ago. The cave was halfway up a cliff and I climb poorly. Also I'm afraid of heights. Also, my boyfriend at the time thought it would not be a good idea for me to climb up there. A small group of hikers stopped and weighed in as well, we all agreed that it should not be climbed.
An hour later I was scanning the view from the cave which should not be climbed to and it was awesome and totally worth risking death for. Granted it took me at least an hour near tears to get down and a small crowd had gathered with their dogs to watch me plummet but it was still worth it.
Now, this cloud house is not anywhere near as dangerous but how could you not want to hang out in there?


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