Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter: You Have Wrinkles.

I resisted spending a lot of money on a face cream for a really long time. I thought "why spend $100 on lotion when I can spend that on something else?" Something like clothes, food, shoes, or even just uselessly frittering it away at a bar.
Over Easter my mother had a little talk with me that included the following points:
My elbows were on the table throughout portions of Easter brunch
She suspects I have been tanning more often lately (my mother should have absolutely been a cop. Her sense of smell alone is unnatural and her ability to sense one shade difference in my skin pigment, uncanny).
Crows feet are visible on my face sometimes when I squint in the sun.
I will be sorry if I don't watch it.

After the screaming inside my head subsided and an hour spent 1 inch from my bathroom mirror, I got online and got a new face cream. I use the Dermalogica face wash that I tried at a spa in Santa Fe and I absolutely love it so I bought the skin smoothing cream for "drier or prematurely aging skin". Here's the link if you want to give it a try.


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