Monday, February 16, 2009

The Streets of..... Anywhere.

I've been dreaming of Tokyo lately. And Paris, and the Amazon. And so has everyone else apparently. I have heard things like "On The Road" and Holden Caulfield a lot. I've seen numerous photo/ art projects online about global street vendors. Is there a resurgence of travel happening?
I'm talking about travel too, not vacation. I'm talking wear the same clothes for days - find yourself a favorite market - meet the locals - bought an open ended ticket - ask yourself big questions kind of travel.
On a small scale it's admittedly kind of escapist but on a larger scale it's perhaps more of a growing by leaving things behind. What better way to get some perspective on your job or network by thinking about it in India?
Maybe it's the economy making us want to leave the whole tidy mess behind. Maybe it's that we, uber stressed out workaholics that we are, actually need more than a long weekend to re-connect. Maybe we've adjusted to the fact that plane tickets are going to cost you at least $350 no matter where you go so it's feels like a rip off to only stay somewhere for a weekend. Or that we need to go further to actually get away from the reach of e-mail and iPhone.
Here's the extra bonus: lots of companies worried about making payroll are doling out enforced vacations. Perfect opportunity to get to Guatemala. If your employer isn't doing this, ask them if they would consider a sabbatical. You might be surprised at how willing companies are these days to save a few bucks.

If you spend a lot of time at your desk wishing you could go somewhere and absolutely cannot..... I'd suggest watching these.
Hideous Kinky
Y Tu Mama Tambien
King of California (they are treasure hunting, similar concept)
Romancing The Stone
Any Indiana Jones (except the newest one)
The Beach


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