Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Aesthetically Scarred

I had to go and get my oil changed this weekend because the change oil light had been on for over a month. People were starting to tell me it was "really bad" and that my car might lock up at any minute leaving me on the side of the road in 0 degree weather in heels.
So I go to to get my oil changed. I know I've mentioned that I dislike any place that doesn't sell candy or is designed poorly so you can imagine my distaste of mechanic shops of any kind. They take my car back and I settle in to a Cheerio crusted seat and fool around with my phone. IN THE MOST UN AESTHETICALLY PLEASING PLACE EVER. I would rather perform a minor surgery on myself than be here.
So then, the guy comes back out with my bill in his hand and tells me that my tires need replacing so they went ahead and put them on my bill and that will be $758.81 please.
There were kids in that waiting room that I'm pretty sure got their first lesson in profanity that day and I'm sorry but just because I look like I don't know anything about tires doesn't mean that I am not aware that there are different CHOICES in tires.
What did he think I'd say? That's fine, put it on the card?
no way... not when I could buy 2 of those necklaces I posted. Not when there are spike bracelets in the world.


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