Thursday, December 18, 2008

You Would Think By Now We Wouldn't Still See Horrible Driving Scenes.

I've been alternating my movie choices lately between French love stories and horror movies and it's beginning to feel a little... unhealthy.
What can it possibly mean? That I want to make out with a zombie? That I like a lot of blood, but oh yeah, the girls should dress really great? That I like the highbrow-ness of a foreign film but can also enjoy a good chainsaw slaying?
So tonight I watched A Man And A Woman while I read reports and tried to set up a desk in my house - not good. Good clothes but overall not my favorite. They spend an abnormal amount of time driving in the car and it's completely green screened which drives me crazy. All I can think about in a movie with fake driving scenes is: There is no WAY they wouldn't crash right now.
Could have used a zombie.


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