Thursday, November 12, 2009

Marketing Yourself Online As A Creative: Topic For The Show Today.

Today on my 4th video debut we're going to talk about how to market yourself as a creative online. I have artists and designers ask me lots of questions about it so I'm really excited to be able to give some tips to get your work out there. you can watch it through this link - it's under the On Demand button (I come in at about 17:25)

I like the above poster because it's really a big part of the creative's life to have that freedom at work to think about ideas, cultivate them, and inevitably carry them out. However, I am always shocked at the lack of training creatives get when it comes to marketing themselves, particularly online. No one actually wants to be a starving artist so it's imperative for creatives to learn some basics about online presence.
Lots of creatives want to know if LinkedIn is really a good place for an artist or designer to be. Where else should they be and how should they be interacting there?
1) Get a website. You need one. ALL businesses need a web site because that's how people find you. The great thing is, there are tons of free website companies that basically do all of the work for you.
2) Start a newsletter. Constant Contact is pretty inexpensive and easy to use so that you can keep track of your fans and update them on your shows, new work, successes, etc. You are a creative and some people will not expect a professional newsletter but it is very important that you present yourself as being on top of your business.
3) Ask for Feedback and give feedback. If you are on the Behance Network or a similar art community, make sure and give your feedback and listen to the feedback you are given. This helps you expand your network and increase the liklihood that you will get referral work.
4) Don't just talk about your work!! This one is important. You can start providing industry education to start gaining a following. If you're a painter, you could do a video about selecting the right brushes. If you are a graphic designer, you could submit an article about how you created a website.
5) Know who likes you. If you do more urban inspired work you should go make friends on sites that cater to those individuals while you might spend some time on travel communities if you are a photographer that takes travel photography.

If you're interested in this topic, catch the show or watch it later. Also, here are some other great resources to visit.

The Abundant Artist
Krop - job search
Behance Network
Etsy - sell work
Imagekind - sell work
The Dieline - if you are a packaging designer
Also, here's a really great article on how artists can use Twitter


Blogger Royce said...

Am I lame because this is the first time I've heard creative people referred to as "creatives"?

Anyway I think every single numbered item of advice you give would apply to entrepreneurs / professionals working on their own in any field, including creatives. Good all-around advice, C-Mac.

November 12, 2009 at 9:58 AM  

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