Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I Like Bravo, But I'm Concerned About This New "Art Show".

Since the Bravo Channel has done so well with Top Chef and Project Runway they've decided to follow the template with the next obvious group: artists. I don't blame them, people love to watch creatives under pressure and the cool stuff they come up with and since "creatives" are the new black this year I can't say I'm surprised.
The first red flag was when I saw that Sarah Jessica Parker's production company had a hand in this. Ummmm, this reminds me in a lot of ways of the whole MTV and Behance Network thing. It's not that I won't watch it, it's just that I hate that the people at Bravo will be choosing "The Next Best American Artist" or whatever they'll call it. Also, I don't think Sarah Jessica Parker has any business with new artists (no offense to Sex and The City, that was a good fit for her).
The NEXT big red flag was when I saw some of the questions they asked on the application (via AnimalNewYork):

Have a girlfriend?

Have a boyfriend?

Do you have any rules you live by?

What are your feelings about the relationship between the commercial and art worlds? For instance, what if a branded corporation wanted to use your art in their advertising; discuss your perspective.

Describe your most embarrassing moment… (And/or describe what you wish were your most embarrassing moment.)

What makes you nervous?

I wish that people weren't trying to make The Real World out of the art world. It's too bad that these artists won't get this great opportunity by being....ahem..... a good artist.


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