Thursday, June 25, 2009

Is Everyone Cheating?

"I'm watching a person implode" my sister tells me when she called this morning.
"I mean, where the hell is his publicist to tell him 'wear this tie, say this and this, and then get off the stage', he's answering every question, oh my God his career is over." She was, of course, referring to Mark Sanford and his strangely honest press conference yesterday.
But I wonder with all this cheating going on if that's really true, will his career really be over? More importantly, is everyone cheating these days? It seems like every other week there's a tearful politician confessing their sins to the world and it reminds me a lot of the tabloids featuring Sean Penn, Jon and Kate, and other cheaters.
The truth is, it's everywhere because we really want to see it. I am not finger wagging by the way. I follow and talk about Jon and Kate Plus 8 more than I am comfortable admitting and here's what's even worse: I think about it more than I'm comfortable admitting. Did they have 8 kids to have a successful show? Was this planned from the beginning? Is it ok if 2 people with 8 kids grow apart and see other people if it makes them happy?
Why are we so obsessed with cheating, who's doing it, who's forgiving it, and what the details are? It's like we're having an adolescent crisis as a culture about marriage and what we are allowing and what we're not and we're going to do that publicly in every media forum possible.
Lastly, what does this mean for young-ish people in relationships? Are the odds stacked against us?


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