Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nestle's New Building

I love Nestle's new building located in Mexico and designed by Rojkind Arquitectos. There isn't much about them on their site except that they are really active in the lecture circuit. As I've told you, I've been on a serious architecture kick for the last few months and I've been so blown away by the buildings that people are making and the spaces that we have available to us. These buildings are so much more reflective of our activities, rythyms of our lives, and natural surroundings than a square box with windows.
It makes so much sense to take into account what the surroundings are naturally when creating buildings. When I lived in Santa Fe, I loved that most of the buildings are a natural brown adobe so that when you scan the mountainscape, your eye just moves over the homes without losing the shapes of the mountains. I always said "if those mountains were in the midwest, we'd have built 5,000 ugly white houses and it would look like an ant hill."
Now it looks like that idea is catching on a bit more. Ex. in the Sahara desert they are working on a project to create manmade spaces that replicate sandstone but keep the desert creep at bay and allow for humans to live there more easily. Such an interesting concept no?


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