Monday, March 16, 2009

Quirks: People are Strange

I was talking with a few friends over the weekend and we got onto the topic of weird things we do for no real reason (and you say nothing good ever comes out of drink fueled nights mom). Defined as "a strange attitude or habit" we went around and around about quirks we had, had heard of, and when it just becomes crazy. I guess there's a real fine line between habit, quirk, superstition, and obsessive compulsive. My doctor friend says that these usually get a lot worse if a person gets really stressed out so we thought that maybe quirks are some kind of useless coping mechanism.
A friend of mine has to sleep with a piece of Kleenex in his hand. It has to be crumpled just so. Another friend has to have Chapstick at all times....not "I like to have Chapstick" but totally freaks out without it. A woman I met a month or so ago makes lists of her lists. Personally, I have about a thousand quirks but one that people really hate about me is that I get the New York Times every Sunday and no one can touch it. Seriously, it's better if no one even looks in the direction of my paper. Then, I arrange it in the order I want to read it. It's imperative to me that no one read the sections that I'm not reading because.... well I'm not sure why but just try to get a section in my pile before I've read it and see what happens.
Why are people so odd? Do you guys have quirks like this or am I just friends with weirdos?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quirk: dressing girls up in the outfit of my choice

March 17, 2009 at 7:24 PM  

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